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Update 4/17/2014:

Sometimes NY just rocks!!!!!!! Three days before Easter and NY is 37 degrees. Strutting up Madison Avenue on brisk and sunny Morn wearing every piece of clothing I brought with me from Palm Springs knowing I got a rave in The Times and that Rex Reed loved my show. 

Now performing in NYC!

April 15 - 19th, 2014 at the swank and elegant CAFÉ CARLYLE
35 E 76th St, New York, NY 10075

A link to more info at the Carlyle's site.

A link to Richard Skipper's review.

A little about the show:

Lucie Arnaz: SPRING IS HERE! is a show about the arc of love in all it's glory. The fallout from cupid's arrows. The finding. The falling. The fantasies. The foul ups. (All the F words).

With songs from Sammy Cahn, Jimmy Van Heusen, Jule Styne, Cy Coleman, Carolyn Leigh, Johnny Mercer, David Zippel, Marilyn & Alan Bergman, Johnny Mandel, Harold Arlen, Ira Gershwin, Yip Harburg, Cole Porter, David Friedman, Craig Carnelia, Ron Abel, Chuck Steffan, Madeline Stone and Lucie Arnaz! Arranged by some of the best in the music business (including Marvin Hamlisch, Billy Stritch, Tedd Firth, Cy Coleman, and Ron Abel).

Musical Director: Ron Abel (Bass: Tom Hubbard, Drums: Ray Marchica)

Don't forget Lucie has two CDs available now too: JUST IN TIME (Concord Jazz 1993) and LATIN ROOTS (LML Music 2010).

I am also booking my LATIN ROOTS big band show. Check my calendar page for dates (Laguna, Arizona, etc.) And I hope to bring that big show into Las Vegas soon, too.

It's a story I've been longing to tell, the genesis of my love affair with music and a tribute to the man who introduced it to me.

Here's a taste:

For concert booking please contact Wayne J. Gmitter via email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or phone: (917) 209-1148

Meantime, from my merchandise dept. let me tell you, if you haven’t already, checked out my LATIN ROOTS CD, please do. I am so darn proud of this one, and I think there will be many songs you will want to listen to again and again.

Also, I am proud to announce all six seasons of HERE’S LUCY (the series I co-starred in with my mother, Lucille Ball, and my brother, Desi Arnaz, Jr.), are now available on DVD courtesy of MPI. The wrap around commentaries on these are priceless.

LugenbühlViolet Arbor by Simon LuckinbillGenesis 2 by Simon Luckinbill

In Family News:

My son, Joe Luckinbill, is still promoting his newest CD (artwork above, left), "Lugenbühl" and I think it is even better than the first. Some excellent writing and production on these new songs. I hope you will check it out. And his music has also been used in films and television now,too. Most exciting, Joe relocated and started his own recording studio in Los Angeles canvassing other new talent to produce. Check him out at, on Facebook and on MySpace. You go, Joe!!!

My son, Simon Luckinbill, continues to make some amazingly beautiful and thought provoking art. To view / purchase his work go to SyArtGallery and visit him on Facebook.

My multi talented daughter, Katharine Luckinbill, enjoys her busy life in the advertising world and also continues to post an online advice column on that is not only entertaining, but full of some solid tips on so many topics about which I had no clue she was so savvy. She is a heck of a good writer that girl. 

And, my üüüüber talented partner in crime and passion (and the father of all these brilliant babes), Laurence Luckinbill, has a fantastic website now complete with hours of performance videos (welcome to the 21st Century, Lar!!) created by our multi-talented son / stepson, Ben Luckinbill

Let's not forget the first Luckinbill brother, Nick. He is a composer and music producer and recently had one of his tracks featured in a commercial during the Olympics!

What a fabulous bunch of talented artists are these children we made. Better than that, they are ALL great people trying to do something to enrich the happiness quotient on the planet.

Hope you enjoy perusing the site and, as always, if you have any suggestions, please pass them along to the webangels at!

Safe and Happy Holidays Everyone!


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  • An Afternoon with Lucie Arnaz

    Pardon my gush: I love Lucie! Beginning with the 16 mm black and white home movies of herself, her younger brother Desi Arnaz, Jr., and their famous parents Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, An Afternoon with Lucie Arnaz was a stroll, a song, and a salsa down memory lane that focused on her Latin roots. (Full Article)

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    The temple was filled to capacity -- with celebrities and longtime friends like Liza Minnelli, Lucie Arnaz, and Donna McKechnie, as well as members of the general public -- and throughout the service, one could hear lots of laughing and crying, often at the same time. ()

Lucie Arnaz Logo

Lucie Achieves "MVP" Status

Broadway Musical MVPs - Book CoverA tribute to Lucie appears in the recently published book, Broadway Musical MVPs:  1960-2010, The Most Valuable Players of the Past 50 Seasons written by Peter Filichia and published by Applause Books.

Rookie of Year:  Lucie Arnaz
They’re Playing Our Song

In the late 1970s, Marvin Hamlisch kept telling Neil Simon about the problems he was having with his then-girlfriend Carol Bayer Sager.  “People claimed she was a free spirit,” Hamlisch says, “But there was nothing ‘free’ about her.  She was very expensive.”

Simon turned her into the quirky and impossible Sonia Walsk, a would-be songwriter who both entices and frustrates well-established songwriter Vernon Gersh (Robert Klein).  Lucie Arnaz managed to capture all her lovable and maddening qualities, while adding a husky voice that sounded just right in dialogue and song.

That’s not what’s most remarkable about Arnaz.  She is, of course, the daughter of arguably the world’s most famous female comic – Lucille Ball – and co-starred with her in sixty episodes of Here’s Lucy.  And yet, Arnaz hasn’t a single mannerism to remind an audience of her mother.  For that matter, she has none of her father, Desi Arnaz, in her when she performs.

Take a look at Jason Gould, Barbra Streisand’s son, in the 1989 film The Big Picture.  Whether he knows it or not, he’s imitating his mother and can’t seem to find his own persona.  Lucie Arnaz did, to her eternal credit.